We are pleased to invite you to Xiamen to attend ICoN6, the Sixth International Conference on Nitrification and Related Processes. The ICoN meetings are the premier biennial opportunity for sharing scientific research related to nitrification, links between nitrification and other processes of the global nitrogen and other elemental cycles, and applications of insights from fundamental science to technical and environmental systems.

The nitrogen cycle, in which nitrification is a key process, is closely related to ecosystem productivity, global climate change, and various environmental issues. Nitrogen cycle research lays the foundation for agricultural sustainable development. It is also the key to reveal the causes, processes and mechanisms of major environmental problems such as coastal eutrophication, harmful algae blooms, and hypoxia. The knowledge about nitrogen cycling has a wide range of technical applications, such as in wastewater treatment, recirculating aquaculture, and ecological remediation. The research field of nitrification and related processes has entered a golden age of rapid development since the turn of the new millennium. In this scientific context, the first five ICoN conferences have been successfully held in the United States (chaired by professor Martin Klotz), the Netherlands (chaired by professor Mike Jetten), Japan (chaired by professor Yuichi Suwa), Canada (chaired by professor Lisa Stein) and Austria (chaired by professor Michael Wagner, professor Christa Schleper, and professor Holger Daims) since 2009. Following the high-standard tradition of ICoN for effective scientific communications and advancement, ICoN6 will be a timely and high-quality conference that promotes global cooperation and original and innovative research.

Be prepared for an exciting program of the ICoN6 that includes sessions on biochemistry, physiology, ecology, evolution, technological applications, and environmental and agricultural sustainability. This wide range of topics will be covered by invited keynote lectures, plenary and contributed talks, posters, and an “Early Career & Graduate Student Workshop”. Social activities will include a welcome reception, a conference dinner, and a tour to the Siming campus of the Xiamen University, the most beautiful campus in China. Located at the southeast coast of China, the beautiful city of Xiamen is a typical littoral city with abundant attractions such as Gulangyu Islet, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is called the World Architecture Expo and the Island of Music. Xiamen has a monsoonal humid subtropical climate featured by mild and dry fall, with an average temperature around 20-27 °C (68-80.6 °F) in October.

On behalf of the Scientific Advisory Committee and our team at the University of Xiamen, we look forward to your participation. For more information on ICoN6 please follow the links under the buttons of this website.

See you in Xiamen!

Hongyue Dang
(Conference Chair)