BGC-08 Ocean Negative Carbon Emission and Sustainable Development
An Assessment Framework for Proposed Methods of Marine CO2 Removal
David P. Keller* , Gregor Rehder, Christian Baatz, Miranda Böttcher, Oliver Geden, Christine Merk, Teresa Maria Morganti, Andreas Oschlies, Erik Van Doorn, And the rest of the team
The potential of seaweed cultivation to achieve carbon neutrality and mitigate deoxygenation and eutrophication
Gao G* , Gao L, Beardall J, Jiang M, Jian A, He L
Australian fire nourishes ocean phytoplankton bloom
Huanhuan Chen* , Yuntao Wang
Investigating the effect of nickel concentration on phytoplankton growth to assess potential side-effects of ocean alkalinity enhancement
Jiaying Abby Guo* , Robert Strzepek, Anusuya Willis, Aaron Ferderer, Lennart Thomas Bach
Eco-engineered shoreline designs for promoting marine biodiversity and facilitating carbon neutrality
Kenneth M. Y. Leung*
Dynamics of microbial metabolism on marine snow aggregates
Lei Hou* , Zihao Zhao, Barbara Mähnert, Nianzhi Jiao, Yao Zhang, Gerhard J. Herndl
Ocean aluminum fertilization as a negative emission technology
Linbin Zhou* , Liangmin Huang, Yehui Tan
Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions: A UN ocean decade program  (Invited)
Nianzhi Jiao* , Carol Robinson, Douglas Wallace, Louis Legendre
On establishing sustainable aquaculture farms in the open ocean subtropical gyres by artificial upwelling of nutrient-rich deep water  (Invited)
Victor Smetacek* , Mar Fernández-Méndez
Are the Earth system models suitable for the assessment of marine-based carbon dioxide removal options?
Wanxuan Yao* , Teresa Monganti, David Keller, Andreas Osclies
Controls of reduced methane emission in the carbon sink region of the North Pacific Ocean
Xiao-Jun Li* , Guang-Chao Zhuang, Hong-Hai Zhang
Impact of olivine addition on seawater carbonate system and microbial community: A laboratory study
Yubin Hu* , Hongwei Ren, Jihua Liu
Relationships between phytoplankton composition and environment factors in the Ross and Amundsen Seas during austral summer
Yuncong Ge* , Ruifeng Zhang
Episodic hazardous events nourishes ocean phytoplankton bloom
Yuntao Wang* , Fei Chai, Huanhuan Chen, Mark Wells, Zhongping Lee, Huijie Xue
Activity, metabolism and trophic basis of microbes living in the deep ocean
Zihao Zhao* , Chie Amano, Thomas Reinthaler, Federico Baltar, Monica Orellana, Gerhard Herndl
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