BGC-08 Ocean Negative Carbon Emission and Sustainable Development
How important is it to resolve mesoscale ocean dynamics when simulating ocean alkalinity enhancement?  (Invited)
David P. Keller* , Tronje Kemena, Neha Mehendale, Andreas Oschlies
The potential of seaweed cultivation to achieve carbon neutrality and mitigate deoxygenation and eutrophication
Gao G* , Gao L, Beardall J, Jiang M, Jian A, He L
Australian fire nourishes ocean phytoplankton bloom
Huanhuan Chen* , Yuntao Wang
Investigating the effect of nickel concentration on phytoplankton growth to assess potential side-effects of ocean alkalinity enhancement
Jiaying Abby Guo* , Robert Strzepek, Anusuya Willis, Aaron Ferderer, Lennart Thomas Bach
Eco-engineered shoreline designs for promoting marine biodiversity and facilitating carbon neutrality
Kenneth M. Y. Leung*
Dynamics of microbial metabolism on marine snow aggregates
Lei Hou* , Zihao Zhao, Barbara Mähnert, Nianzhi Jiao, Yao Zhang, Gerhard J. Herndl
Ocean aluminum fertilization as a negative emission technology
Linbin Zhou* , Liangmin Huang, Yehui Tan
Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions: A UN ocean decade program  (Invited)
Nianzhi Jiao* , Carol Robinson, Douglas Wallace, Louis Legendre
On establishing sustainable aquaculture farms in the open ocean subtropical gyres by artificial upwelling of nutrient-rich deep water  (Invited)
Victor Smetacek* , Mar Fernández-Méndez
Are the Earth system models suitable for the assessment of marine-based carbon dioxide removal options?
Wanxuan Yao* , Teresa Monganti, David Keller, Andreas Osclies
Controls of reduced methane emission in the carbon sink region of the North Pacific Ocean
Xiao-Jun Li* , Guang-Chao Zhuang, Hong-Hai Zhang
Impact of olivine addition on seawater carbonate system and microbial community: A laboratory study
Yubin Hu* , Hongwei Ren, Jihua Liu
Relationships between phytoplankton composition and environment factors in the Ross and Amundsen Seas during austral summer
Yuncong Ge* , Ruifeng Zhang
Episodic hazardous events nourishes ocean phytoplankton bloom
Yuntao Wang* , Fei Chai, Huanhuan Chen, Mark Wells, Zhongping Lee, Huijie Xue
Smectite carbon sequestration: A potential novel approach for ocean negative carbon emission  (Invited)
Zhifei Liu* , Thomas M. Blattmann, Peng Yuan, Dong Liu, Yulong Zhao, Baozhi Lin
Activity, metabolism and trophic basis of microbes living in the deep ocean
Zihao Zhao* , Chie Amano, Thomas Reinthaler, Federico Baltar, Monica Orellana, Gerhard Herndl
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