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Jan. 11, Monday

09:15-09:30 AM XMAS-V Opening Ceremony
09:30-10:30 AM Guibin Jiang Keynote: Emerging contaminants and marine water quality

Jan. 12, Tuesday

09:00-10:00 AM Claudia Benitez-Nelson Keynote: Using stoichiometry and elemental composition to explore marine biogeochemical cycles
10:00-11:00 AM Zunli Lu Keynote: Earth history of oxygen and the iProxy

Jan. 13, Wednesday

04:00-05:00 PM Laurent Bopp Keynote: Ocean acidification, deoxygenation and primary production decline in the 21st century: update with the latest generation of Earth System Models and prospects for reducing uncertainties
05:00-06:00 PM Alessandro Tagliabue Keynote: Role of micronutrients in governing upper ocean primary productivity in the context of a changing climate

Jan. 14, Thursday

Special Forum: UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
02:30-02:40 PM Zhanhai Zhang Welcome Remarks
02:40-02:50 PM Vladimir Ryabinin  Opening Speech
02:50-03:50 PM Karen Evans Keynote: Multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborations for designing and delivering ocean solutions
04:10-04:30 PM Martin Visbeck General introduction of The Decade
04:30-04:50 PM Wenxi Zhu Regional (WESTPAC) planning for The Decade
04:50-05:10 PM Fangli Qiao China’s planning for The Decade
05:10-05:30 PM Lixin Wu Transparent Ocean
05:30-05:50 PM Fei Chai BGC-Argo and biogeochemistry monitoring with autonomous platforms
05:30-05:50 PM Minhan Dai Coastal zones under intensifying human activities and changing climate: a prospective regional programme integrating science, management and society to support ocean sustainability (Coastal-SOS)
Panel Discussion
07:30-09:00 PM Moderator: Minhan Dai
Panelists: Brandon J. Bethel, Fei Chai, Karen Evans, Fangli Qiao, Martin Visbeck, Wenxi Zhu
Note: Keynote Speech is for 60 minutes including 20 minutes of QA. Other presentations are for 20 minutes including 5 minutes of QA