To promote interdisciplinary studies in marine environmental science and to foster the next generation of ocean scientists, the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (MEL), Xiamen University initiated the Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences (XMAS) in 2014, with the overarching theme The Changing Ocean Environment: From a Multidisciplinary Perspective. XMAS has grown to be one of Asia’s largest conferences in marine sciences and acts as a hot spot to exchange research interests in global and regional oceans.

Its fifth iteration, XMAS-V will be held in Xiamen from January 11th to 14th, 2021. XMAS-V will focus on how Multidisciplinary Sciences Can Serve a Sustainable and Healthy Ocean. It will be one of the important hallmarks of Xiamen University’s centenary celebrations. The symposium will consist of different, interconnected sessions covering physical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, biological oceanography, and marine ecotoxicology along with workshops for emerging topics in marine environmental sciences such as how to achieve the goals outlined in the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

MEL was established in 2005 under sponsorship from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST). It has been awarded The Excellent State Key Laboratory twice in two recent official reviews by MOST. MEL is dedicated to interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in marine environmental sciences, with particular strengths in marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem studies.

Originally known as Amoy, Xiamen is an island renowned for rich cultural relics, a pleasant climate, and beautiful natural scenery. It is located on the southeast coast of China and has a long history of international commerce. It has a monsoonal humid subtropical climate characterized by mild and dry winters (average January temperature around 15 °C /59 °F).

    First Announcement

Chair of XMAS-V
Minhan Dai, Professor, Xiamen University

Local Organizing Committee
Ya-Wei Luo
Zhimian Cao, Yongxiang Huang, Xing Jian, Xin Lin, Jian Ma, Dalin Shi, Shanlin Wang, Siqi Wu and Wei Zhuang